We are beyond happy with the results and so pleased to see our little sweet man. We shared the pictures and video’s with our friends who all loved it. Nathan talked to me about the experience after we left and how blown away he was to see a full human, face and all. It was a very special moment for us! ~Kaitlan & Nathan

Thank you so much Jennifer, the experience with you was absolutely amazing and I’m happy with the outcome of what we received for pictures. ~Jamie

Thank you so much! It was such a cool experience. ~Jamie

Awesome! It made my day seeing his face, thank you for that. ~Kaia

My husband and daughters loved seeing the baby through the video’s and photos you took. The yawning one was the favorite. Thanks again for everything! ~Ashely

Thanks again for helping us out on our anniversary gift, we were so glad to plan for a girl the rest of the pregnancy. We’re pretty in love with her! ~Kelly

You are amazing! Thank you so much for your kindness and time today. ~Jessica

I just had to share with you, I couldn’t believe how spot on the 3D ultrasound was that you did for us. Thanks again! ~Erika & Aaron

Thank you Jennifer! You were so great and we appreciate your time, Thanks again! ~Jill 

Thank you so much for everything and the amazing experience! ~Amanda